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We would suggest starting with one of our 7 week beginner courses (salsa, Latin, ballroom), this would give you a good grounding of the basics, and from this you will find the dance style you prefer as a couple.

Salsa is a good place to start, as we only teach the one dance in this course and this give the men great confidence. Latin and ballroom we teach 3-4 dances in both these course.

If you start 18-10 months from your wedding date, you would also have time on your side, enabling you to attend the beginners course a second time (as always very helpful) and the man has the chance to learn to lead well. After attending beginners you would have the choice of starting private lessons straight away, or attending our improver & intermediate level classes before progressing to private lessons (where you could choreograph a suitable dance routine for your big day).

If you already have music chosen for you wedding dance bring a copy with you.

Our Next beginners courses start on the first Wednesday of these months
February, April, June, August, October.... each year.

** Salsa - Wednesdays
$120per person for 7-9weeks,
($40 discount if full fee paid on first night).
learning just the one dance (Salsa), good foundation for learning to dance.

** Latin - Monday's (depending on numbers)
$70 per person for 7weeks,
learning 3-4 dances (Chachacha, Samba, Jive & Rumba)

** Ballroom - Tuesday's @ 7.15pm - $70 per person for 7weeks,
learning 4 dances   (Waltz, Social Foxtrot, Chachacha, Rock'n'Roll)